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This is THE OFFICIAL source and homepage for Mike Huber, a.k.a "ThatSaxyGuyMike"! Please, stay awhile, learn about me & my productions. Follow, subscribe, and of course, enjoy!

Mike Huber ("ThatSaxyGuyMike") is an online multimedia editor and content creator from Rhode Island, USA. A 19-year-old Journalism, Film, and Web Design student, Mike has been editing audio and video for roughly 5 years and plans on making a career of it. He has skills in Audio Production, Video Editing, Public Relations, Journalism, Media Communcations, and Web Development, to name a few. Please go to the Contact Info & Resume page if you would like to work with or learn more about Michael's skills and talents. Mike is always looking for new opportunities to reach out to the various communities on the internet, reach a larger audience, produce quality content, and entertain people. He promises he doesn't bite, so don't hesitate to contact him at any time to inquire about work, content, or anything else you have on your mind. And remember, stay saxy!

The Picture to the left links to Mike's Twitter! The Picture to the right links to the Official Facebook page! And below this leads to his Youtube Channel. But don't forget to continue looking through the site to get a full grasp of what productions he's a part of!