I released my visual arts project “Serendipity” today!

So, in April, I had to make a video for my Visual Arts class at Uni. So, I decided to base it on the Serendipity of love using my relationship. It starts with the Tinder date created in Sketchup and rendered in Indigo with music and crowd sounds I recorded and created myself, then uses […]

Audio Commissions Open

Hey, guys! It’s been awhile since I last posted on here, but I have big news! I just opened audio post-production commissions to the public on the website! I’ve included all of the basic information, as well as a sample of my work on the page, as well as an upload to SoundCloud! I worked with […]

The Website Is Ready!

I present to you all the new and better Thatsaxyguymike.com! Please, look around, find something you like, and enjoy!