I have been making music for a long time, starting back in high school with my friends in our band. Needless to say most of it was garbage, but I’m now beginning to take more interest in electronic music, music theory & composition, and messing around with pianos, synths, VSTs, and other instrumentation.

I am planning on working within the electronic genre, though this may blend out towards my roots of jazz in the future as I begin to implement my saxophone and piano instrumentation. I am also trying my hand at DJing when I get my setup ready this winter and releasing DJ mixes when I have the time to do them.

I plan on putting all of my stuff on Mixcloud, while putting less of my works that may cause Copyright problems on Soundcloud, but both will be used! I will start uploading my music when I feel that I am satisfied with it. Stay Tuned and Stay listening!




For those of you interested in my post production services, head on over to my Mastering Commissions Page for more information.

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