I am a part of 2 Podcasts currently.

Reverse Psychology Panda Podcast is my first podcast I joined back in 2012 as assistant editor, and I quickly became guest organizer, host, editor, and logistical manager of the podcast during my tenure. I started a new segment of the podcast called the “Chill Cast,” where I sit down and have a conversation with one person about various topics of interest, based around a concurrent theme. We attempt to release content on a regular basis, though our schedules are often skewed and we rarely have  times that intersect well with everyone, so there is often wide gaps between content. We are on iTunes and Libsyn.

Flux Kappacitor Podcast will be released within the next month. The podcast is crude, raw, and about as politically incorrect as it gets. It’s a personal project that I’ve been working on for awhile, and will be released when ready. It is edited, mixed, and mastered to have a clear, professional sound to match the unprofessional NSFW content.

There are plans for expansions in the future, though nothing is currently in the works. Check back to the site for updates.

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