Patreon & Supporting Me

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of asking random people for money without giving them something first. But, I’m not rich, and times are tough for my family and I, so disposable income is incredibly small and scarce. And that’s why I made a Patreon.

My Pateron is meant to help me start getting my music and video production started. I have very limited time and hardware, but a lot of ideas and visions. You can probably see that those don’t go too well together. As such, I’ve listed my basic needs on my Patreon for how you can support me.

I want to make audio and video content that is beautiful and fits my artistic standards. I want to make things that people love and enjoy. I want people to listen to tracks and watch videos and connect with them on a personal level. And I need your help to get that accomplished.

Your support doesn’t inherently need to be monetary to start off with. Following me on Twitter, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Twitch is the best way to help me if you can’t give me money, and I’m just as happy if you do that.

I want Patreon to be a way that I can give people as much for free as I can. I’m not gonna force you to pay for a track that I made if you can’t afford it. But if you want to pay for it, feel free, you’re awesome! I’m not gonna copyright my music and videos, either. It’s all gonna be Creative Commons (Unless I work with someone or a label that doesn’t want me to do that), and I’ll release the Stem files on every free song I put out, so that you can remix it and make it as beautiful as you want it to be.

But, I have to eat and pay bills, so I can’t always do stuff for free. Patreon is a way that you can help me keep costs down, and when I can, it’ll come with some sweet rewards, too! I’m not asking for everyone to pay me tons of money. If you want to pay, then donate what you can. If not, you can donate to me on PayPal using the Button below. Whatever you can do to help is appreciated.

Every one of you is awesome, and I’m so glad you’re supporting me. I can’t thank you enough for it.

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