Radio or Bust!

People say that radio is a dying medium. Well, if you really think that, go check the iTunes podcast page, and see how many of the top ranking podcasts are from NPR or a public radio broadcast. (Hint: it’s most of them.) And what do people listen to in their cars? They could listen to their music, but when you want to hear something different then the same playlist over again, or your signal cuts out, or your phone dies, you check the radio. Along with that, some of the best content in news, sports, and media is directly broadcasted over the airwaves to your radio. Don’t second guess the radio just yet, it’s still evolving.

As a Journalism major, podcaster, and audio engineer, it only makes sense that I would like to do radio as a job in the future. In fact, I worked at my school’s radio station for awhile as Systems Manager and DJ, and I loved it. I would love nothing more than to work at NPR, WGBH, WBUR, or Rhode Island Public Radio. And who knows, even make my own station? I just want to work in radio doing good work, whether that’s editing audio, running the station’s live productions, or being a host. This project is intended to help me get there.

“Radio or Bust!” was an idea I came up with when I had some free time and I daydreamed some project names. Nothing was really popping out at me, until I heard a headline on the radio with the phrase “or bust” on it. It clicked how I was going to get a job in the industry: make a series of me getting to my goal for the whole world to see. This was how I was going to get a portfolio, experience, and a career I could be proud of.

“Radio or Bust” (or you could shorthand it to “RoB”) is still in its infancy and it’s gonna take some time to get it there. I plan on getting all of the social media in order, a logo made, and hopefully podcasts and videos put up on Youtube and MixCloud for people to listen to and enjoy. It doesn’t take much to support me either. You can just share a Facebook post, retweet something on Twitter, use hashtags, subscribe and like the content, or just tell your friends the next time you hang out. I’m not trying to make money out of this, but if you want to kick some money later on, you’re more than welcome to.

There’s also a live radio stream you can listen to when I’m on air:

Free Shoutcast Hosting Radio Stream Hosting

I want this to be a project that I can make content people will enjoy while building up a portfolio to get me a job. If you have something to say or ask, you can email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also follow any of the social media listed below, and especially follow me to get real time updates of everything, or just to get to know me. Thank you for any support you guys give me, and wish me luck.