I released my visual arts project “Serendipity” today!

So, in April, I had to make a video for my Visual Arts class at Uni. So, I decided to base it on the Serendipity of love using my relationship. It starts with the Tinder date created in Sketchup and rendered in Indigo with music and crowd sounds I recorded and created myself, then uses an argument I recorded in my car and samples it through a Visualizer in After Effects. The video ends with photos taken by Evan Lui when I proposed to my girlfriend in New York in early April. These candid shots are meant to show what it was really like on that cloudy April morning in front of the New Museum in New York.

I have released it on Youtube and Vimeo for your viewing pleasure. If you like it, feel free to tell me. If you have some criticism, feel free to leave it in the comments on either view. I’m always open to fixing content and re-releasing it if need be.

Note: I put the copyright symbol in the video, but this is actually licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, and I only ask that you cite me and where you got this content before you distribute and alter the content.

I hope all of you enjoy this and thank you for your support.

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